Posted by: topfocusgear | February 20, 2010

How to Pick a Door Lock On a Dodge Ram

b558cbe7f41510940364485d331cd085.jpgThis article will explain how to unlock a dodge ram truck without a key or sticking a tool inside the door of the vehicle.


Things You’ll Need:

rigid tension tool

hook or rocker pick.

Step 1

The driver’s door lock has seven disc called wafers that must be aligned to the proper position for the lock to operate. Simultaneously to the wafers lining up in the right position the lock must turn in the correct direction.

Step 2

southord lock pick set

southord lock pick set

Choosing the proper lock pick may be hard as they are not available in stores. You may try to make one out of a small peice of steel. It is neccessary for the pick to be small in size for the ability to move inside the lock.

Step 3

example of a rigid tension tool

example of a rigid tension tool

Insert the rigid tension tool into the lock at the very bottom of the lock on the driver side. Holding the bottom of the tool with your left hand apply gentle pressure in the direction of the rear of the vehicle. This will cause the lock to rotate in a counter clockwise position when picked and result in the door being unlocked.

Step 4

After tenision tool is in place it is time to insert the pick. With the pick facing down push it all the way in the lock unstil it stops. You are now at the back of the lock. With very slight pressure gentle press down on the pick and pull it back toward you. Remove the pick from the lock, rotate it so that it is now facing the top of the lock. Reinsert the pick to rear of the lock. Apply slight pressure upward and gently rake the pick back towards you. If done properly the inner plug of the lock will rotate counter clockwise and the door will unlock. If door does not unlock, without releasing tenision repeat step four.

Tips & Warnings

Locks do not need much tension to be picked just enough to bind the wafers so that they drop to the shear line.

Too much tension or pressure on the pick will harm the lock.

Do not attempt this on anyone’s vehicle beside your own as it is agaisnt the law for breaking and entering.

Lock picks may be illegal in some states.

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